Chanterelle Mushroom Soup Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

There were gorgeous chanterelles at Costco.  They came home with me and I made creamy Chanterelle Soup.  So yummy!  ...

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Chanterelle Soup

Pickled Jalapenos Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

A staple in my house that ran out.  And…as things are running out I am looking  to replace them with something homemade.  These were super ea...

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Pickled Jalapenos

Preserved/Salted Lemons Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

I had made preserved lemons a few years ago and loved them.  I made Salted Lemonade, delicious…different and refreshing in the hot and humid su...

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Preserved/Salted Lemons

Cranberry Sauce {Homemade} Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

I have loved cranberry sauce my whole life. As a result, I have been making it for years.  Each year it is slightly different.  I always make extra ...

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Cranberry Sauce {Homemade}

Double Chocolate BIscotti Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

While I have cooked and baked for years, biscotti is always something that scared me.  And, there is absolutely no reason!  It is so easy to make. I...

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Double Chocolate Biscotti

Generations of Recipes Lumberjacks Molasses Cookies Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

Canvas Corp Brands asked the Creative Crew to do something recipe related.  Putting this together was such fun! My idea was to back something from my...

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Molasses Cookies {Generations}