Ice Skate - Mixed Media Splitcoaststampers Dirty Dozen Alum Craftisan Studios Kim RIppere

I love the modern vintage vibe of this skate!  All the details add personality; from the embossing, to the cording, to the vibrant light green.  ...

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Ice Skate {Mixed Media}

Iris In Pond Splitcoaststampers Crafitsan Studios Kim Rippere

I made this while I was a Dirty Girl with SplitCoastStampers. The central theme was, “Sparkling Waters.” This is the first flower I drew w...

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Iris In Pond

Mermaid {Watercolor} Splitcoaststampers Canvas Corp Brands Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

This was my first time working with the new Mixed Media Origins paper from Canvas Corp Brands…and it was amazing! Details: Base:  Canvas Corp B...

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Mermaid {Watercolor}

Floating {Mixed Media} Siesta The East Wind Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

While this image is titled Siesta…it really looked like someone floating to me.  So, I tried to do the light coming from the right angle…...

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Floating {Mixed Media}