Locker Hooking by Kim Rippere for Craftisan Studios I had previously done a more complicated calculator that stopped working.  This is a simplified version that will estimate how much yardage you need to complete a project.

The back story to the bottom calculator is here.


These estimate the fabric needed based on the number of squares.






  1. The fabric is 44 inches long.
  2. Each person’s and project’s needs will be slightly different based on how the fabric is attached, the tension of the loops, and how many color changes there are.
  3. Additional fabric should be added for finishing the edges.




This converts strip yardage to material yardage.

Strip Yardage = the amount of fabric needed, end-to-end.  This is what is in many books.
Material Yardage = what you ask to be cut at the counter or what is needed in standard fabric terms.




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