I’m just starting to work on my lettering!  I feel like I need to have some skills/experience in this area for mixed media.

Create Love Family Passion Free Friends

Embellishing doesn’t come naturally to me so I am practicing.  I decided to go ALL out on this one!

Don’t Look Back

I like “Back.”  The rest…not as much.  I do have some ideas for what would make it better, though.

Favorite Letter

I picked an ampersand.  Not sure if it is my favorite, but I thought I would give it a try.   This isn’t great…but, it is my first time using a brush tip and there are changes in the line weight that aren’t horrible. Also, I’m a lefty and working that out. There is a rather natural looking swish that is new for me…and after 100 & attempts I’m calling it good enough.

Favorite Song Lyrics – Spend Your Time On Me – Duffy

One of the songs I like because of the lyrics is Syrup & Honey by Duffy.  It is about setting priorities and having the important people in your life be your priority.  For the lettering, I worked to give reference to time and clocks.


Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

 If this inspires you let me know!

Questions?  Ask!

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