Canvas Corp Brand CCB Creative CrewWhat a perfect way to keep track of all the wines you have tried!  Here is a quick and easy pamphlet where you can put all your thoughts.

I like dry, full-bodied, red wine.  But, not that often.  So, I haven’t really been drinking any at home…since it goes bad before I can get to the second glass!  Recently, I was on a retreat and found out about Bota Box though.    So I have been able to enjoy a few glasses!  I pour myself a little glass while I cook dinner and enjoy wine throughout the meal.  Kind of nice.


  1. Inside Pages:  Canvas Corp Brands – Tasting Cards on Kraft, corners rounded.
  2. Outsides:  Black and Kraft Wine Glasses Reverse, corners rounded.
  3. Binding:  Jute.
  4. Front/Back Embellishment:  Uncorked on Kraft and burlap.


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