I have always wanted to sew, but I don’t really get along with the sewing machine that well.

Years ago I did some quilting and loved picking the fabric and making top.  The actual quilting?  Blecka!

More recently, I wanted to sew skirts…but fitting them and the amount of time they took?  Blecka!

Then I purchased a few knits skirts and realized that these should be easy to make.  Provided you have a serger.  Which I do not have.  hmmm.  I realized that I friend of a friend has one so I asked to try it out.  They said yes!  So, I have been furiously making knit skirts.  Just basics though…still don’t know how to make a slit or reset the needle for different stitches.  Perhaps when I have my own.

The “pattern” I have ended up with is…a straight tube.  If it is too big, I sew another seam to cut it down.  I don’t even finish the top anymore, ’cause y?

On that note…anyone?  If you are desperately searching for something to give me…this serger with 4 spools of white and 4 spools of black…that would be appreciated!  hahahahaha.  Ok, if you want to though…I’m accepting! 🙂

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