Years ago, I made dog biscuits.  But, nothing recently.  We have been giving Tuey Beggin’ Strips.  She went to the vet recently.  The vet said there have been problems with Beggin’Strips and, generally, the vet has a problem with flavor enhanced treats…ya know, the ones all the dogs love.  The vet’s point is that dog food isn’t enhanced with these flavors for a reason…namely, they aren’t good for the dog!

The vet suggested carrots.  Well, uhm…Tuey doesn’t like carrots!  At all.  I thought she was eating them.  Instead she was taking them from me very gingerly and taking them out of the room…and leaving them on the floor!  Carrots everywhere.  Clearly, that plan wasn’t going to work.

So, I decided to try making them again.  I used this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.


  1. It is hot and HUMID where I live so more flour was needed.
  2. No egg (?!?!?!?) in house, so I used molasses.
  3. One batch was enough for a month.


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