This all started with buying a bunch of awesome apples at Costco.  We were traveling and I decided to make apple scones for the trip.  Of course I checked out Sally’s Baking Addiction; and, of course, she had a recipe that sounded divine!  This included a recipe for Salted Caramel Sauce…scary!  Years ago, I tried to make candy…no luck.  Caramel seems suspiciously like candy.  Thankfully, it isn’t all!


I wanted an option from the caramel sauce.  Apple butter.  Crockpot.  Easy. Delicious!

Since I recently got a bread maker I have been reading bread recipes all over the internet.  King’s Flour is one site I frequent.  They had an interesting treatment for apples in their apple bread recipe.  I decided to use this to roast the apples in the apple scones.

The final part of the apple extravaganza happened while I was peeling the apples for the apple butter.  There must be something to do with all those apple peels…and there is!  Here is the recipe for dried apple peel that I used.


Scones: The apple scone recipe is good.  The dough is so WET and the cooked scones are more like quick bread than scones…good, but not exactly what I was after.  They are delicious though.

Salted Caramel: So easy to make, just take it slow with melting the sugar.  I have a small nonstick pot, very easy to clean this up!

Apple butter:  Easy to make, makes the house smell wonderful.  Seriously, wonderful!

Roasted Apples:  This was easy, added flavor…will do again.

Apple Peel Crisps:  This might be the hit of the extravaganza.  These are delectable, crunchy, easy, made from something you might normally through away, “good” for you.  Again, delicious.



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