Canvas Corp Brand CCB Creative CrewI wanted a bag to put a few things in a bag for my Christmas Countdown.  Purchasing one seemed…extreme!  I thought should be able to conjure up one from my craft room.  Since I have an inordinate amount of paper and fabric this seemed reasonable.

Did I hear fabric?  How about burlap?  I have lots…but, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that 12×12 piece from Canvas Corp Brands might be perfect!

But, color?  Glimmer Mist – Barn Red is very red and I have a new Glimmer Mist – Cranberry.  Wonder how they will go together?  Let’s add a little Glimmer Mist – Suede and see what happens. As it turns out only great things happened.  It gave the burlap an unique and interesting color.


  1. Color the Base (one side):  12×12 burlap sheet, sprayed with Glimmer Mist – Barn Red, Cranberry, and Suede.
  2. Sew over about 2 inches to create a space for the drawstring.
  3. Sew the long side (below the drawstring pocket) and the bottom edge with a serger.
  4. Insert drawstring.  I cut 3 pieces of black hemp that are 24 inches and tied them, leaving plenty of “fringe.”
  5. From burlap cut 3 2 inch circles, 3 1 1/2 inch circles, and gather 3 buttons.  Hot glue these together and then to the bag.  Make sure you don’t glue both sides of the bag together!
  6. Cut 1 piece of black hemp that is 15 inches.  Roll this up and hot glue together, hot glue another button on top.  Hot glue this to the edge where the seams come together.


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