At one point I considered taking up crochet and did a few small projects.  But, my sister is the expert hooker in our family.  I didn’t want to step on her toes and have enough paper crafting and mixed media projects to keep me busy for a lifetime.

She finished up two 30 inch doilies that she is making into a head board.  Next on her list was wash cloths for me.  She had done a few quick test ones for me earlier.  We had a long conversation about what I liked about them and what I wanted my wash cloths to be like.  Who knew that this could be so complicated?!?  Apparently, I want something that is different for a wash cloths and not necessarily in the crochet sweet spot.  I wanted ones that were thick and luxurious, floppy, not scratchy, and absorbent.

My sister went on a quest to see if these wash cloths were possible.  She found a silk/bamboo yarn and learned a Tunisian Crochet stitch for me!  Isn’t she great.  She isn’t thrilled with the scalloped edging, so I assume future versions will have a different edge.

Also…the wash cloth is PURRFECT.  So soft, floppy, and absorbent.  Now I need more. 🙂

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