I ordered Chicken Wings (not our favorite) instead of the Salmon Burgers, but wasn’t 100% set that this was going to be a good meal.  I did have some trust built up as we have loved virtually all the meals we have ordered.  So, I gave it a whirl.

Overall, this is delicious.  The rice was flavorful, the chicken was crispy and tasty, and the salad was easy to make with a great dressing.


I used the toaster oven, it was perfect!  Using foil in the baking pan made clean up a breeze.

I like *spicy* food, but Edward doesn’t like his food quite a spicy.  So, I only used a scant 1/2 of the Sambal Oelek…to no comment from him! 🙂  This is delicious.

You will notice that my salad looks different from the Blue Apron photo.  This is another instance where I chopped differently than they did.  They didn’t chop at all!  Who wants huge leaves of lettuce on their plate to figure out how to eat.  Years ago I did quite a bit of Chinese cooking.  One of the rules is that you should be able to get many of the flavors on your “fork” at one time.  So things are chopped smaller.  So, I chopped the lettuce small so that it was easy to handle with a fork.

As a home cook, I find that I tend to use the whole onion…so, I buy small onions.  The directions for this recipe say that you might not use the whole shallot.  Are they kidding?  I went ahead and used the whole thing…and it was too much.  I figured that out before I put it on the lettuce though.  So, now I have some shallots in lime juice sitting in my fridge.


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