If I have to make a choice between sweet and salty..salty it is!  I like chips, crackers, and most other salty snack and dipping treats.

I received Pasta Chips Garlic Olive Oil flavor.  I think they taste great!  They are somewhere between a chip and a cracker.  They are think like Wheat Thins, but break easier.


Pasta Chips are packaged nicely, with a ziplock top.

I weighed out and an ounce (one serving) and found it to be about 15 chips.  This reasonable if on the small side.  Some additional information:

  1. There are 120 calories per serving.
  2. 19 carbs per serving.
  3. Vegan.


  1. On their website they list these for $3.09, which seems reasonable.
  2. Amazon lists them for around $7.00, which is exorbitant!

This is a #kloutperk that I received for free, with no specific expectations from the company.  I am reviewing this because I received this as a #klout perk.  I am receiving nothing extra for reviewing it; no points, no money, no promises of or way to earn anything additional, etc.

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