Someone in my house LOVES blueberries!  This year we were able to buy fresh blueberries at our local farmer’s market.  Delicious!  The season for fresh blueberries is short…so, I found a few new recipes to try.  This one will be going in the permanent recipe book, which I am currently creating.  I cannot wait to show everyone the final project.

I used this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and followed it!  OK, I only used 9 graham crackers as that was what was in one package in the box I bought.  Still, they returned out great.  My pictures even look (almost) as good as hers.

The crust is nice and thick.  Although this only makes and 8×8, it goes close to the top of the  pan.  So, I cut them into 16 squares, this is perfect as they are very rich.

I thought they might be too tart for Edward.  He can be easily swayed, so I didn’t tell him about the tartness…and, of course, he LOVED them!

The only problem I had was my oven.  The more I am baking the more I realize I need an oven thermometer.



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