I have only had Copic markers for about a year.  I started with a few for “skin tone.”  I just couldn’t get skin tone (meaning anything close to my skin tone) with pencils.  I have little coloring experience as an adult.  Although I was enjoying pencils, I immediately love coloring with Copics.  I decided that I wouldn’t go wild purchasing them, instead I would buy the opportunistically.  As it happens, right after making that decision I had an opportunity to purchase almost a hundred second hand and great price.  But, I had no control over what colors I was getting.

Trying to manage all the colors that I had, figure out what I needed, and figure out what order to purchase more in…a time consuming challenge.  I created this Copic spreadsheet (you are welcome to copy/paste this and use it yourself), have a spreadsheet filled out with what I have, color metrics (seriously!), and have an earlier version of this Copic color swatch book (shown in pic).

Sandy Allnock’s Hex Chart has been out for a while.  I have been studiously avoiding purchasing it.  It seemed expensive for something that I “already” have.  And, well…that lasted a for a few months.

Recently, I purchased it and fill it in with all the colors I have.  AMAZING!  The Hex Chart is so much better!  It shows the colors near each other so you can better see how colors from different color families go together, it *clearly* shows what you need and why, and instead of flying almost blind and spending too long trying to figure out what colors to purchase…it makes it easy.  The only negative I can see is that I until it is completely filled out I cannot laminate it (unless I want to redo it).

Finally, while this does cost some money; it is really only 1-2 Copic markers.  Hardly, the end of the world.

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