Copic StorageThis is an update of my Copic storage system.  It has worked for almost a year, with a small addition.  I start last summer with *zero* Copics!  Can you imagine?

When it got to the point that I wanted/need a way to organize them, I realized that I needed something manageable and portable.  So, I went with this toolbox, it is light and sturdy.  I used empty Crystal Light containers to organized the colors, they work perfect!

Late last summer, someone purchased this Copic wallet (72) for me.  Recently, I expanded into it.  Some of the Crystal Light containers were stuffed, so I removed some of the less used markers and put them in the wallet (grays and high numbered Es).  This allowed for some of the color families to expand to two Crystal Light containers.

I think this system will last me at least another year!

Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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