12 Months of Christmas

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Do you remember Christmas time when you were little? All of us come from different eras and hopefully we all have some fond memories of Christmases past. The look of ornaments, decorations, wrapping paper and cards have definitely undergone changes in their appearances throughout the years. Have you stayed traditional to your roots or have you moved on with the times? Regardless of your style, this month we want to see a card that reflects the Christmases of old.

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The minute I saw the circles from Luna Girl I knew what I wanted to make.  A garland.  I think this will be so fun for my nephews to add to their Christmas tree this year!

This is so cute in person…but, after about 100 pictures…I just had to give up trying to get this garland to look as cute in the photos. 🙁


  1. Cut a piece of jute about 24 inches long.
  2. Print and Punch:  Luna Girl – Christmas Minis 2 (1″ Circles) Digital Collage Sheet.
  3. Print and Punch:  Print the digital paper from DeCosse’s Dynamite Doodles in purple, green, and red.  I choose colors that matched the Luna Girl mini’s I was using.
  4. Print and Cut:  Decosse red paper, cut with a paper bead Silhouette file.
  5. Start in the middle, glue a mini to a Doodles (solid color) with the jute in the middle.
  6. Tie a simply knot about 1/2 in away from the edge of the two-sided circle you just glued together.
  7. Glue together another mini and a Doodle about 1/2 inch away from the knot, reverse the image from the first one you did.
  8. Repeat 6 and 7 on either side until you run out of circles.
  9. Tie knots at either end.
  10. Roll together the two paper beads that you cut, leaving an empty core so that you can thread the cute through.
  11. Thread beads on.  Tie knots to keep them on the jute.
  12. Trim jute.


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  1. The garland is cute in the photos too! I love that you added the knot between the paper circles. Its such a little detail but adds a lot of interest. Thanks for dropping this by 613 Avenue Create this week. We hope to see you again soon!

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