MismatchThis is something anyone using cut files with physical stamps has encountered.  Not all the svg files come sized to the stamp!  Then…how…uhm…the cut file doesn’t match the stamp!  ARGH…that is the whole point.

I have somewhat of a technical background and have tried multiple different ways to get the .svg files to the correct dimensions for physical stamps.  All required way too much effort and were frustrating for a various reasons. I got really annoyed one day and was lazy, annoyed, going to show the stamp that *I* was…well, you understand.

On the other hand, some call this method brilliant; sometimes the difference is the perspective!

Creating the right size cut file for your physical stamp:

  1. Download and save to your computer.
  2. Open in Silhouette Studio (or the graphic design program you use).
  3. Set to show the svg at 100%:  View>Zoom>100% (this should be relatively easy to find in a design program).
  4. Hold up the stamp to the screen (tape if needed).
  5. Modify svg size as needed (check height/width ratio).
  6. Save this for future needs!
Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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