Blue ApronTurkey Kibbeh is part of the first group of three meals I ordered from Blue Apron.

I made this the day I received the box.  Everything was fresh, beautiful, and perfectly portioned.

It was easy to make.  There were a few hiccups and because I couldn’t cook all the patties at once it took closer to 55 minutes.

The was DELICIOUS and not something I would have ever made myself.  Ever.  The taste was fabulous and the portion was perfect.  I was concerned that it seemed small, but my partner (Edward) and I were both full at the end of the meal.

You will notice that mine (photo on right) doesn’t look like theirs!  Still…tasted great. 🙂


  1. I should read the directions better…smaller onions would have been better.
  2. Since my patties didn’t stick together we had Kibbed Hash…still fabulous!  I understand why they made patties, but for our purposes it wasn’t important.
  3. Edward thought the cucumber salad was too bitter, courtesy of the yogurt.  He has a sweet tooth…I thought it was perfect.
  4. You might notice that the parsley garnish wasn’t on ours…it got mixed up on the cutting board with the raw meat!
  5. Finally, I didn’t serve any yogurt dip.  I mixed it all in with the cucumbers.  Worked fine.  Not as shmansy, but worked for us.

This is something I would recreate and cook in the future.

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