prana crafitsan studios kim rippereFair Trade* sent me a cloth PrAna bag and a 60 page color catalog.  It is a big cotton bag that feels nice and appears well made and durable.  On the interior the seam edges are stitched over so that raw edges are not exposed; or the edges or folded over and then sown down.  Nice.  It was made in India, in a Fair Trade Certified Factory (says so right on the bag!).

I like the design…seems like a nice bag that I will find many uses for.  This is especially true as I grocery shop once a month an hour away (more bags = more better).  Also, it will make a great beach bag for the bag, perfect size.

The clothes in the catalog look fun and easy, great for casual or traveling.  They are colorful and seem like they would be easy to wear.  I think I need the Carly Cadet hat!

I have three comments for PrAna:

  1. The men’s shorts are too long for my guy.  With a long torso and short legs…the shorts are simply too long for him and he won’t wear them.  At least from what I can tell as the inseam length isn’t provided.
  2. As for the women’s clothing, you don’t offer anything larger than XL, although you do sell XXL for men.  I wonder if they are aware that 57% of US women wear at least some clothing in sizes 16 and above?  You do show that you sell 16s (XL), and based on this wiki they appear to be about the right size.  But, there are people that are larger that might want to wear your clothes.
  3. There are hat sizes…but, no details about what they mean!

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*This is a #kloutperk that I received for free, with no specific expectations from Fair Trade.  I am reviewing this because I received this as a #klout perk.  I am receiving nothing extra for reviewing it; no points, no money, no promises of or way to earn anything additional, etc.

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