Ecolips Fair Trade #FairTradeFaves Craftisan Studios Kim RippereAnyone that knows me knows that lipshit (yes, this is actually what I call all lip moisturizers) is never far away.  For about 30 years (YIKES) I have never been more than 10 feet from multiple tubes/pots of lipshit.  Seriously.

One of my wedding shower (20+ years ago) games was a series of questions that were asked to my fiance and I about the other.  A question for him was…What is the one thing Kim would want if she was deserted on an island.  His answer.  Lipshit!  And he was right!

Most recently I have been using Aquaphor and Softlips.  I love both!

I received this as part of a #kloutperk from Fair Trade USA from Ecolips.  The diameter of the Cocoa Butter tube is bigger than most (especially SoftLips) and seems rather luxurious…as does the feel when applying it!  The flavoring is subtle and nice…no tingling lips, just smooth and moisturizing.  Of course, I will have to be careful of leaving it out in the HOT and HUMID Southern USA summer, but that is true for any stick lipshit.

Ingredients (all are organic and/or Free Trade Certified):  Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Tea-Tree Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, and Candula Extract.

Pricing Info:

  1. Aquaphor:  $3.60 for .35 ounces = $10.29 per ounce
  2. Ecolips:  $8.66 for .25 ounces = $34.64 per ounce (I used this one as it is the size I received)
  3. SoftLips: $7.10 for .14 ounces = $50.71 per ounce
  4. It is about 2.5x as much as Aquaphor.
  5. It is about 30% less that SoftLips.
  6. So, it is right in the middle…guess I have every reason to purchase this!

Other #FairTradeFaves reviews:  Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar, and Numi Turmeric Tea.

*This is a #kloutperk that I received for free, with no specific expectations from Fair Trade.  I am reviewing this because I received this as a #klout perk.  I am receiving nothing extra for reviewing it; no points, no money, no promises of or way to earn anything additional, etc.

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