So Suzy StampsAs the first So Suzy Stamps Design Team winds up its term, Monica suggested that we all make Artist Trading Cards for each other to celebrate our time together and have something to remember each other by.  I decided to take a project that each person made with a So Suzy Stamps…stamp (lol) and create a personalized ATC with all or some of their own design incorporated.

I was going to do a post per Artist Trading Card…but, decided to do ONE instead!  If you have any questions about these just ask.

The basis for creating each one was something the designer had created for So Suzy Stamps.  I found a project of theirs that spoke to me and used a part of what they created as the focus of the ATC that I created for them.  I didn’t try to replicate what they had done, instead I created something new with their vision.

This was a wonderful group to work with!

Here are links to of all the design team member’s websites:

  1. Suzanne Babb-Moore
  2. Kymona Tracey
  3. Martha Lucia Gomez 
  4. Steph Ackerman 
  5. Alicia Hill
  6. Justine Hovey
  7. Jenny Johnson
  8. Jennifer Loftfield
  9. Kim Rippere – Me!
  10. Sharon Smith
  11. Monica Taylor


Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

 If this inspires you let me know!

Questions?  Ask!

3 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards: 10-4-10

  1. You’ve done a gorgeous job Kim – and yes I agree this has been a wonderful group and I have made some great friends through it 🙂

  2. Kim, these are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love how you incorporated a little piece of each person into the trading cards! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! BIG HUGS!!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks! I had fun doing these. It was great thinking about everyone as I made them.

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