This is a free image from The East Wind, received via email, that I colored for a quick coloring competition.  I think the bunny is adorable, I love the perspective.

Hopefully, everyone realizes that I publish everything I make…some things are better than others!  I love this and think I did a good job coloring it, but I don’t really know how to color fur and apparently even with reading glasses I miss some areas!  It always annoys me how much the camera sees…<sheeeeesh>.

Copic Info:

  1. Egg:  W1/3, E000/00/02
  2. Bunny:  E000/02/11/13/15
  3. Nose:  R20/32
  4. Dots:  R23/46/37
  5. Ribbon:  Y11/15/17, which I ended up hating…and colored over with G24/46/58
  6. Yellow Ribbon:  W5, YR01/14/16
  7. Hair Ribbon:  BV000/01/13/25
  8. Pom Poms:  E00, R11
  9. Eyes:  W5, V12/17


Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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