Canvas Corp Brands asked their creative crew to create something based on a Canvas Corp Brand CCB Creative Crewterra cotta and burlap theme.  I went through several ideas and none seemed perfect.  I realized I wanted to make something 3d…potted flower?  After looking through the Silhouette files I found a perfect pot…then to find burlap flowers…so, I went searching the internet and found these time intensive…but worth it loopy burlap flowers.  I love the manipulation of the burlap into almost another thing entirely.

This post will deal only with assembling the project.  The post for creating the pot is here, and the post for the flower assembly project is flPotted Burlap Flowers - Instructions for Creating the Flowers.





  1. Fill up the pot with styrofoam or florist’s foam.  I used florist’s foam as it is softer and since my “pot” is paper…  Also, you might need to weigh the bottom of the pot, depending on what twigs you have chosen and the size of your flowers.
  2. Find some twigs with forks, a little fungus, and whatever natural things you have on hand.
  3. Arrange the twigs and adhere the burlap flowers in the forks or wherever pleases your eye.
  4. I had some grass/straw on hand.  Also, I died the burlap strings that were pulled in making the flowers by spraying them with Glimmer Mist – Mantis.
  5. Attach embellishments.


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