Canvas Corp Brands asked their creative crew to create something based on a Canvas Corp Brand CCB Creative Crewterra cotta and burlap theme.  I went through several ideas and none seemed perfect.  I realized I wanted to make something 3d…potted flower?  After looking through the Silhouette files I found a perfect pot…then to find burlap flowers…so, I went searching the internet and found these time intensive…but worth it loopy burlap flowers.  I love the manipulation of the burlap into almost another thing entirely.

This post will deal only with assembling the pot.  The post for creating the flowers is here, and the post for the final assembly of the project is here.




These are the directions I was following.  You will see that I tried to follow them…but, then when trying to put it together found other ways that were easier for me.


Steps One – Three:

  1. Cut out all the parts from this Silhouette file, using a terra cotta colored heavy card stock.
  2. Stamp the walls of the pot with vine like stamps and background stamps using Distress Ink – Peeled Paint and Walnut Stain, respectively.
  3. Assemble the pieces as shown.  I took this part and assembled the walls and bottom.

Step Four – Six (pictures were lost):

  1. Glue the walls/sides together with the flaps.
  2. Fold tabs on the bottom of the walls to create a ledge.  Glue the first section of the flap to the inside of the wall.  Allow the second section of the flap to be unattached.
  3. Fold in the hexagon base section and glue to the second section of the flaps from above.

Steps Seven – Nine (pictures were lost):

  1. Attach the rim and adhere, while doing this also attach these on the side with the flaps.
  2. Adhere the inside of the rim.
  3. Adhere the side flaps as desired.

Steps Ten – Twelve:  This part isn’t required it is only to make the inside finished and give a little more strength to the structure.  I know that the stems and flowers may weigh a little more than expected so I did these steps.

  1. Adhere liner to itself with tab.
  2. Adhere bottom flaps to the inside of the pot.
  3. Adhere hexagon to bottom interior.


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