Brass DogLast summer my beloved grandmother died.  She lived a great life and made it to 94.

One of her last treasures was this brass dog.  Over the last 25 years her “houses” got smaller and smaller.  As a result, she had to give away virtually all her possessions.  Luckily for me…she lived with my Mom and I for about seven years before going into assisted living (8ish years there!).  This means that I have many of her things…from her crystal candlestick collection, to a handmade card table, to her Mahjoong set, to linens…she is all over my house!

This dog has never had a name or any place of distinction in her home…he served as a doorstop, which I am sure is exactly what he was intended for.  SO HEAVY.

At the very end of her life I was asked what I might want from her room…other than the 3/4 hutch that her husband built for me for my second birthday.  I asked for this dog.

He moved into my craft room.  This seemed so fitting and appropriate as my grandmother loved to create things…towle painting, needlepoint, whatever!  I enjoyed him watching me create for many months.

{Some day I might be able to talk about Ami (the name I gave her) without crying…today is not that day.}

One day recently I was looking for something new to prop up projects when I take a picture.  My usual prop had managed to disappear.  I grabbed the dog…and a new prop was found!  He is the perfect size, and won’t tip over.

The known history of this piece is that it was my grandmother’s husband’s family’s.  A couple from Germany…who knows, they might have brought it with them to the US.

Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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10 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with the Dog?

  1. That’s so special x A lovely and useful keep sake, I bet your Grandmother would love to see you cherishing it x

    • I am sure she would. She loved my fascination with paper, particularly quilling.

  2. I think you should name him Heavy D – I know there was a rapper with that name, but, since he is heavy (I had a cast iron one of a cat once – they certainly are heavy) and he is a dog – but a very cool dog – Heavy D seems appropriate to me 🙂

  3. Love the story of the dog. How precious to have the doggie door stop from your grandmother. Sure she’s smiling knowing you now have something memorable to prop your beautiful creations

  4. What a beautiful story and a great tribute to you grandmother.

  5. That is such a cool story. I miss my grandmother every day. I have a few treasures from her but not many. That doesn’t matter though, I have some wonderful memories and I know, without a doubt, that she loved me dearly. I loved her just as much. Your dog is adorable and I’m sure Ami brings a smile to your face with each photo taken! Hugs!

  6. What an awesome keepsake! I’m sure you’re grandma is smiling, knowing she is a part of showcasing your beautiful creations. 🙂

  7. That is a really cool story about the dog. What a precious treasure and wonderful memories it holds and now has a new purpose 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a personal bit of your story!

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