Recently I realized that needed a different quilling tool.  I thought I had found it, the toothpick.  I still like the toothpick and think it is an easy, cheap, and readily available quilling tool.

another quilling toolBut, I had to share with everyone another great tool that I found.  I have this craft knife set…from somewhere..perhaps Hobby Lobby from years ago.  I typically use this only as an exacto knife when the box cutter isn’t delicate enough.

Recently, I was using it to create a Valentine’s card.  I needed to use one of the embossing tips.  I thought that the rest of the tips were pointy, but decided to check them out!

Guess what?  The first (empty space) tip is a quilling tool!  So, now I have found a quilling tool with a great soft handle, very sturdy, with a slit that is big enough for all the types of paper I use!  Sweet!

Amazing what you might find hidden in your craft room, worth checking out all the nooks and crannies.


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