Copics were not something I had planned to get involved with, then I found Some Odd Girl and started to color.  I had colored pencils (they were a hand me down) and worked with those…until I was frustrated with my inability to color anything approximating skin tone.

My Copic journey began with the skin tone set.  Then I needed paper…a Hammermill paper was suggested and was not inordinately expensive so I purchased a ream.  I colored with this and was generally happy with it.  THEN, someone purchased me Express-It paper.  So much better!  I didn’t have to work to blend, it just magically happened.

My Express-It paper is running out.  So, I was looking at purchasing 1/2 a ream for around $40.  Having been a purchasing manager (among other things in a past life) this just seemed like a lot of money with very little investigation.  I decided to purchase the selection of papers for Copics from Paper Temptress and test, compare, and investigate.

The papers arrived and were clearly marked.  One of my concerns was that I might not be able to tell what was what.  She also included samples of others sort of papers…much appreciated.

The first thing I noticed was that the Express-It was so much darker and grayer than the other options.

And I fell in love with the Cryogen…it is sparkley!  But, it is kind of yellowish in comparison.

The other papers are basically two different papers in different weights.

I didn’t like the Heavenly White at all.  The ink seems to sit on top of the paper.  It didn’t make blending easy in anyway.

The Neenah Solar #110 was clearly my favorite.  But, the #80 was a close second.  I spent some time testing each.  This testing pic is the top right.  I *LOVE* the #110 from a coloring perspective it is the winner for me.  When I looked at availability and price, the #80 is the one that I will be coloring on.  It isn’t my TOP preferred, but it is exceptional and has the right value for me.

What did I look for in a paper for Copics?  When I began testing I wasn’t even clear on this.  At the end of the testing, I was looking at:

  1. Do I want to put this color paper on a card or project?
  2. Is this paper thick enough to stay flat if I use popups?  Neenah #110 is clearly the winner here!
  3. What do the colors look like on this paper?  The colors on the Neenah Solar are brighter than on the other papers.
  4. How much does it help me blend?  This is the primary thing I was looking for.
  5. What is the cost per sheet?
  6. What is the online availability?  My preference is Amazon Prime.

How did I test?

  1. I found a stamp that was easy to color the face and had other options for easy coloring.
  2. I inked the stamp with Memento black, and stamped on each type of paper.  I didn’t wait for it to dry.
  3. I colored all the first set in under 15 minutes.  I wanted to color fast and not work to blend and make it all perfect.  I tried to color each one similarly, it terms of colors, strokes, blending, and time.
  4. I went back and did some more coloring on my favorites.
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