I have tried to limited myself to paper crafting…that doesn’t mean the list of what I do doesn’t grow…it just “always” has to do with paper.  Early in my paper adventures I discovered quilling, gave it a try, and loved it.  I like to quill with all different thicknesses of paper.  Since I have a room full of paper purchasing paper for quilling wasn’t something that interested me.

Quilling Tools

When I first started quilling I purchased a basic set of tools.  One of the tools I got was this purple tool.  Basically, a handle with a slot at the top to put your paper in, so that it can hold the paper while you twirl it.  I had seen videos of people twirling paper on a homemade modified needle and toothpicks; but, decided that was beyond me!  They were so fast that it just didn’t seem realistic.

I ended purchased some paper that is just for quilling.  It is longer and thinner than any paper I have for card making.  I don’t use it regularly, but it is nice to have.  One thing I noticed was that the quilling paper fit in the tool and many times the thicker paper did not…frustrating.  Then I realized that this tool is made my the company that sells the quilling paper! So, really this is a quilling tool for THEIR paper.  Argh.

I had previously made my own modified needle tool.  Basically, a dowel scrap with a needle stuck into it.  The top of the needle was cut off to allow the paper to slip in.  I didn’t find this tool satisfactory.  Even using Liquid Nails to adhere the needle it came out too frequently.  And I ended up not really liking how the center of the twirl looks.

Recently, I have been making 40 of these quilled flowers with heart centers.  I just couldn’t face trying to do them with the purple quilling tool.  I would either be fighting with the tool or paying for special paper!

I went out on a limb and tried twirling the paper around a toothpick.  As I am a beginner at this method, I am not fast or perfect.  What I am is a happy quiller!  I can do it and can see myself getting better with more experience.

I have found my preferred tool…the lowly toothpick.


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