I love making things for my nephews!  Two of them still need to bring things to school for Valentine’s Day.  This brings me joy, alleviates some stress for my sister, and the boys love my work.  Win all around.

Last year I sent tags with hearts.  This year I am making flowers.

This is the first batch of about 20.  They took an easy day (6-7) hours in front of the TV, with breaks!



  1. Paper:  white, pink, and red card stock.
  2. Width:  1/8 and 1/4.  I cut each color in both widths to give lots of different looks to the flowers
  3. Pattern:  From Quilled Flowers.


Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

 If this inspires you let me know!

Questions?  Ask!

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