My partner needed gift wrapping for the gift certificate he purchased for his Christmas exchange at work.  He bought a gift certificate to a nail shop.  I thought this was the perfect wrapping!


  1. Silhouette file.  I used a pop dot for the front flap.
  2. Paper:  I printed the full file out using two pieces of Recollections Christmas paper.
  3. Brads:  I used small brads to put the handles on…and larger brads serve as feet under the purse.
  4. Gift Certificate:  I rolled this up like a scroll.  First, I taped it together using washi tape.  The next layer is a scrap of holiday paper that I punched (bow punch) on either side.  Then I tied it together with curling ribbon, put on a bow, and curled the ends of the ribbon.


Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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