Earlier this year my grandmother died.  When I was in kindergarten I made a lunch bag turkey and gave it to her.  It was the centerpiece of her Thanksgiving meal for decades.  Even when she didn’t do the meal, it was still her centerpiece.  It is something that lasted almost 45 years.  With all the moving, it did get bedraggled and its last resting place has been lost.  I know she had it a few years ago…but, today its whereabouts are unknown.  After her death, and more recently putting her and her husband’s ashes together…and then back to the earth…I decided that I wanted to create another {updated} lunch bag turkey for my mother, sister, and myself.




  1. Base:  Lunch bag.  Stamped with Unity leaf stamps, inked with distress inks (soot, walnut, concord, honey, and olive) and a red pigment ink pad.
  2. Head and neck:  Silhouette files I created.
  3. Real feathers:  stash.
  4. Paper feathers: Silhouette file I have available.
  5. Things are adhered with either glue or hot glue.
Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

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9 thoughts on “Turkey Rafter

  1. SO MUCH LOVE behind these SUPER CUTE turkeys – THANK YOU for sharing and I hope that these new ones help continue the tradition 🙂
    I am so sorry for your loss Kim, we lost my Grandma many years ago and I still treasure my memories of her.

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