I had a “gold” ink pad from Stampabilities.  I didn’t find it particularly GOLD and used it more when I wanted a light brown.  I turned to embossing when I wanted gold.  Not perfect, but a solution.

Then I heard someone swooning about Delicata Gold.  I put the Delicata gold and silver on my Amazon wishlist…and someone bought them for me!  I was hopeful, but also ready to be disappointed.

The above pic with three images:  top, Stampabilitities Gold; left, Delicata Silver; right, Delicata Gold.  The other pics are close ups of each.

The Delicata Gold is AMAYZING.  So much gold color and sparkly.  This gets a 10/10.

The Delicata Silver is not as awe inspiring as the gold, but still way better than what I expcected!  It is clearly silver, but there are some grey undertones and it isn’t as sparkly as the gold.  This gets a 8/10.

Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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