ISilhouette Cameo started paper crafting seriously when the Cameo came out in Oct. 2012.  Before that the economics of paper crafting just didn’t work for me.  Everything was so expensive and limiting.  It just didn’t seem like fun!

At the time, I knew I would be moving and have more time to focus on creativity.  I did a lot of research and ended up purchasing the Cameo and the Big Shot.  I wanted the Cameo for the flexibility and ease…and the Big Shot for embossing.  I am good with computers and knew that I would be able to handle learning the software with ease.  The software hasn’t been perfect and there have been problems with upgrades.

Overall, I am thrilled with the machine.  Of course, there are a few things I wish it did better:

  1. Cutting fine detailed files.  No matter the paper the Cameo simply cannot do this well.
  2. Software should have more features and flexibility.
  3. There should be more integration between the online store and how you interact with the store via your desktop.
  4. Would have been nice to be able to cut shapes out like with the Scan and Cut.  They have recently created this capability.  I haven’t tested it yet.
  5. Cutting mats aren’t that great and are too expensive.
  6. The Silhouette pens have no ink in them!  I tried to do envelopes…one pen didn’t even do 5 addresses!
  7. I tried the stamping…not optimal.
  8. The machine can be loud.  Cover position is irrelevant.
  9. Ability to cut thicker material.
  10. Wireless!

I haven’t tested the new Cameo.  I have read about the new features, watched a few videos, and paid attention to what others are saying.  My viewpoint is that the new Cameo is just a regular update/facelift.  There don’t seem to be any good reasons for me to abandon current machine and purchase this one.  It seems that this release is really driving for new customers.  I hope there is a completely new upgraded machine released in 2015.  October 2015 will be three since the original Cameo was released…let’s hope the next one is a similar jump in capability.

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