When I started using Copics I was just using some random 67lbs paper.  It wasn’t good!

Then I asked around and found a paper that I liked that I could also live with the price.  I typically try to find something that does the job well and doesn’t break the bank.

Then…someone purchased X-Press It paper for me!  I didn’t get this the first round…because the cost is EXTREME.

The middle picture is a side-by-side comparison of the two papers.  I used the same stamp, same ink for the stamp, and the same Copics.  No colorless blender was used.  Additionally, these were done one right after the other.  There is no difference in technique.   What I see is a huge difference in blending.  HUGE.

The left owl is on the Hammermill paper.  It is good…but there are still lines and places that are not blended.

The right owl is on the X-Press It paper.  Holy cow…so smooth, a much heartier paper, and it does the blending flawlessly.

Honestly, there is no comparison.  X-Press It is by far the superior paper for Copics.  Now to figure out how to afford it!

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