Last Friday I posted about a 4×4 that I made for a swap and loved so much that I decided to make a duplicate for myself!  Here it is.  You will note there is an addition…a bee.

Years ago when I was learning to quilt I had the most amazing woman (Bobbi) as my second instructor.  I took many classes from her.  She wasn’t my first instructor…that one made me cry!  When something didn’t go perfect, she always encouraged us to see that as a “design element.”  To see it in another way…not a mistake, but to use it to enhance the overall look, feel, and detail of the quilt.  This was very freeing and something that has stayed with me over the decades as my crafting evolves.

The bee exists on the second one because I didn’t dab perfectly and so pink was outside the image.  The bee works perfectly. 🙂

Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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