I had fun making this and using some paper rosettes I had recently made.Details:

  1. Base card stock:  Bazzill.  5 x7.  This is larger than normal due to the size of the paper rosettes.
  2. 1st layer paper:  something from Michael’s.  I did go through my paper and look for something that had an interesting, overall, and more subtle pattern.  More bold and spottier patterns didn’t work that well.
  3. Celebrate:  2001 Stampin’ Up stamp.  The edges were distressed with peeled paint.
  4. Paper Rosettes:  These were something I had already made.  I simply added the buttons.
  5. Ribbon:  Short piece of 1.25 inch wide yellow fabric ribbon.  I cut the ends at an angle after I added the ribbon.
  6. Split Sun:  This is one of my favorite Silhouette files, which I modified – only using elements within this file.  Then I attached a gem/embellishment to the center of the top.
  7. Button.  I used the button between the C and E of “Celebrate” to cover up an area that had too much going on that I didn’t want to show.


Credit:  Based on a Samantha Walker tutorial by Pinky.

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