I have a friend that is going through a particular tough time right now.  I am going to see her soon and wanted to create something for her.  When I was young I used to visit and I remember her loving to color and loving butterflies. She is making many decisions and second (and more) guessing herself.  I wanted to make sure she knows that I (and other relevant parties) think she is incredible and has no need to second guess.


  1. I colored the butterfly with colored pencils and baby oilColored Pencil: Peacock Kaylee, Butterfly, and Owl
  2. Having not planned ahead I then had to trace the image and create it in Studio.  And the butterfly is huge so I had to use a folded letter size piece of paper for the card base.  Additionally, I used Bazzill as this is more sturdy.
  3. I created an external offset of .1 and cut that out of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and 2 purples.  I fanned these out and glued them together with the colored butterfly on top.  I trimmed off the butterfly die cuts that were showing around the top and sides.  These just created visual confusion.  This section is quite heavy (hence the need for a strong card base).
  4. You Inspire is created with the Lakeside font.  There is a small enamel dot serving as the dot for the i.
  5. Inside I put “Believe in Yourself,” which is also from the Silhouette online store.
Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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