This artist trading card is for a butterfly themed swap.

  1. The stiff card I am using as the based is repurposed packaging.  The cardstock already had a crease in it – I was just waiting for some reason to use it.  Giving the illusion of lift and flight seemed perfect for a butterfly.
  2. The background paper was something I received in another swap.  It has the right feel and colors for a butterfly.
  3. The butterfly is a Silhouette file.  I cut it out as is (top).  The one for the back I deleted all the interior pieces and then cut it out from coordinating paper.  I glue the edge of the top butterfly to the bottom butterfly and “poped out” as allowed.
  4. One pink and two clear gems were glued on.
  5. I chomped the corners.
Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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