Lined EnvelopeSeriously, one easy hassle free step!

Don’t we all have packets of thin paper we don’t like, don’t use, and don’t know what to do with?  I know I do.  I purchased a packet when I started paper crafting…not knowing any better.  Now, I do not like the paper or the designs.  I rarely/never use them.

So, they have sat in my stack of paper for years with no use and no use in sight!

One day I had the brilliant (at least to me) idea to use the white side of the paper for the outside of the envelope and the design side for the “lining.”

Because Silhouette doesn’t do very well with paper this thin and getting the Silhouette set up for an envelope seems like a lot of work…I decided to figure out the envelope making part of my scoring board. The third video on the scoring board link is the tutorial I used to see how envelopes are made using this tool.  It is so much easier than setting up the Silhouette!



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