Maine State Bird and Flowermade this card for someone who is going to New England for the summer.

The interesting techniques in this card are the distressing and the crumpling (the official term!).

In my stack of paper I could not find a good match for the base card.  So, I chose something close and then distressed the edges with walnut stain.

Then I distressed the edges with this distresser.  While I wasn’t overly thrilled with this tool to being with I am finding more and more places that I want a more natural edge…and this does that perfect!

After distressing the edges I looked at it and had this wild thought that I would crumple it up into a tight ball.  After a moment’s hesitation I just went for it!  I flattened it out…but, something wasn’t quite right.  It need more crumpling.  So, I did it again!  The second time around was perfect.  Then next step was to iron it.  Worked perfect with no problems.

Craftisan Studios Brass Dog

 What's the Deal with the Dog?

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