Some Odd Girl Summer Mae Greeting Card


Every two weeks Some Odd Girls has a challenge in their facebook group.  This period it is to use Mae.  Since it has been 90° degrees where I live I decided to use Summer Mae.

Additionally, I had received an email with a tutorial on tent cards from Splitcoast Stampers.

I decided to put these ideas together!  I am going to write about each element of the card individually.

Tent Card

I created this in Silhouette and modified the dimensions to be a standard a2 size.  The file is Silhouette v3 compatible and includes the card, back, the base, and the circle frame.  The file can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

For the background I cut the right size and then realized that I must have cut something wrong with it earlier.  It had a zig zag already cut into it!  Instead of getting a new piece I folded down and glued the points to give the impression of white caps.

My quilting teacher called this a “design element.” When something doesn’t go completely according to plan, but you use it and make your finished product more interesting.

Some Odd Girl Summer Mae Greeting CardSand

This is actually sand paper!

After applying this I distressed above it (on the base card) with Faded Jeans Distress Ink.


The first layer is a 1.25 (approx) strip.  The second layer is a Martha Stewart punch.  The only trick is to know the repeat of the flower punch and use the same repeat on the first layer;  otherwise they won’t fold together!

This is a good video for learning how to make these as it will also explain how to make larger rosettes.


These are something I purchased in a pack a few years ago.  There are three layers that are offset and distressed with Faded Jeans.

Got Sand

This is a cut file from the Silhouette store that I turned into a print and cut file.


This is a cut file from the Silhouette store.


This is a cut file from the Silhouette store.  I removed the internal pieces so that it was a more solid object and did an offset.

Some Odd Girl Summer Mae Summer Mae

I wanted to do something really different with her this time.  But, what?  I decided to make a stamp with the Silhouette.  I had never done this before so it would be an adventure!

Then I decided to use some paper I had recently made and fell in love with!  It is made from white paper and day lilies and is a very light shade of orange.

I stamped her with gold as this was the color I had that was closest to skin tone.  The gold didn’t really show up though!  Plan B was stamping over the gold with red that has already been stamped once.  Still wasn’t enough coverage to outline her.  So, I stamped again with the first stamping and put it under a weight for about 10 minutes.  Perfect!  Maybe a little dark, but the next step would take care of that.

Then I rough cut around her and use the distressing tool on the edges.

The next step was to use the Distress Ink watercolor technique with Wild Honey.  This is just stamping a scrap piece of paper (or other surface) with the ink pad and adding some water to the ink.  The use a paintbrush to apply the ink.

Initially, the plan was to use the light box and trace the details of Mae over the stamp.  That wasn’t possible since the paper is COMPLETELY opaque!  So, I had to draw the details lines myself with a brown pencil.

UPDATE:  I decided to add more definition to Mae with a brown marker!

Some Odd Girl Summer Mae Greeting Card











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