Extending the Life of Silhoutte Cutting MatsSince I have a Silhouette Cameo, cutting mats are an essential part of the process.  You cannot print without paper; in a similar way you cannot cut without a cutting mat.

But, cutting mats are expensive when you are using one a month for personal use.  And, when they aren’t tacking anymore they still look fine…they should still be able to do the job!  But, without the tackiness they have lost the ability to do their essential function.

After getting a new one each month for several months I figured there had to be another way!  Research provided the answer:  Krylon Easy-Tack.

I have used this for several months.  I find that the life of a cutting mat is extended from a month to 3+ months, with plenty of Easy-Tack left for several years!

All you have to do is spray on a light coating when it isn’t tacky anymore.  Say, every 3-5 times you use it.

I have found that the Silhouette gathers a little gumminess on the rollers that feed into the cutting area.  This is just from the tackiness being outside the 12×12 area.  It doesn’t go into the moving parts in any way.  I clean this monthly with a little soap, water, and vinegar.

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