Tim Holtz Snips

I am no stranger to good scissors.  My mother sews with only Gingher and has special words for children and others that touch her Ginghers with anything but fabric!  I have several pairs of Ginghers in different sizes and even have two left-handed rotary cutters…and a seam ripper.

BUT, spending money on scissors to cut paper seemed way over the top.  So, I avoided purchasing any. Instead, I made due with any old pair I could find cheap at office depot, Costco, or the bottom of a drawer.

As always, better tools are…BETTER.  And these Tim Holtz Snips are no different.  They make cutting out shapes a pleasure.  You can be more precise, even when you are left-handed!  No matter what hand you are using they cut.  I tend to cut right-handed as I have more experience, it feels more natural, and I get more precision.  Even when cutting with my right hand I can see exactly where the cut is going to be.

These are well worth the price!

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