Salted Lemonade


Before I started blogging again I made some salted lemons.  I used this [the linked post is not published yet] recipe.  I gave away half to my sister and keep finding ways to use them so I know I will be making them again and blogging about how easy they are make.

Salted lemonade is one of those things that sounds both scary and potentially different (in a  wonderful way).  I finally figured out a similar flavor…margarita(ish) – with the salted rim!  Don’t take this comparison too literally though; at best it is an approximation.

Summer is LONG in the South and I simply cannot abide tea for 8 months of the year.  So, I need some easy options.  I have posted about the Lemon, Cucumber, Mint water.  This is another even easier option which is also delicious and refreshing.


1 salted lemon
salted lemon juice


  1. Put one salted lemon in the bottom of your glass.
  2. Add sugar, water, and salted lemon juice to taste.  My glass needed about 1 teaspoon juice and sugar when I filled it to near the top with water.

You will find that the seeds don’t float so there is no need to fish them out.

A friend (without any sort of palette – southern, over cooked veggies, etc) suggested that this tastes like an accidental gulp of ocean water!

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