Money Card PursePay it Forward Day is April 24th.  I decided this money card/purse would be just the thing for Cards Beyond Belief to post on the 24th.  Now, I just needed to figure out how to make it.

Samantha Walker has posted instructions for how to put together the 3D version.  But, nothing for this version.  Should be easy though!  Let’s jump right and start.

To make this work and be wonderful you need double-sided card stock.


  1. Paper: heavy-duty double-sided cardstock (12 x 12) and one piece of complimentary solid cardstock
  2. Silhouette File: Purse Card/Envelope Set Money Holder
  3. 6 brads
  4. Flowers or other “do-dads” for four of the brads.  I used something I had on hand from a previous project.

Equipment, Supplies, and Tools

  1. Foam mounting dot
  2. Silhouette
  3. Tape: ATG
  4. Glue: Tacky

Samantha Walker Money Purse

Samantha Walker Money Purse Part 2


  1. Open the file and ungroup the pieces.
  2. Arrange and cut the pieces from the double-sided piece of cardstock.  See top picture directly above this section.
  3. Arrange and cut the pieces from the piece of complimentary cardstock.  See bottom picture directly above this section.
  4. Pieces that are unused are related to the envelope or to an insert for the pocket.


  1. Attach the “tongue” to the larger piece of the cut out complimentary paper.  Samantha Walker does this in pictures 1-3 on her site.  See top picture below this section.
  2. Attach the pocket to the inside with tape or glue.  See top picture below this section.
  3. Center and attach the smaller piece of complimentary paper to the front.  I used tape on the top part and glued the bottom edges.  When gluing I put on a very little, brushed the glue toward the edge and then placed it on the main purse part.  If you use any glue you might need to press it for a while to make sure it stays flat.  See middle picture below this section.
  4. Align (with perforation and holes) and attach (see instructions in #3 above) the larger (and only remaining) complimentary piece over the top of main purse part.
  5. Take the small oblong pieces and fold in half.  Take one and stack the flowers on top, push the brad through the premade holes, and the insert this into the appropriate holes at the top front of the purse.  Fasten the brad by opening it.  Do the same thing on the other side of front.
  6. Slide the first ring of a double ring onto the oblong piece that is attached to the purse.  Then layer your brad and fasten as detailed in #5.  Do this for the other side.  At this point you should be all done, but for the handle (and the money!).  See bottom picture below this section.
  7. Fold the handle and place in the top ring of the double ring (ensure you are putting this on correctly). Fasten with a brad.  Do the same thing on the other side.
  8. Place the foam mounting dot just above where the tongue meets the purse (provides greater support).

IMG_3398Samantha Walker Money Purse


Samantha Walker Money Purse

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