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I have been locker hooking for several years.  I “taught” myself in 5 minutes by watching this video.  I ended up purchasing hook, loop & lock. It seemed like a basic book with a variety of projects.  What I found was a book with some good ideas and yardage that was HUGE (out of this world HUGE) and made no sense.  So it hasn’t been the resource I thought it might be.  C’est la vie.  I have just been guesstimating the yardage by buying way too much and having the drawer of leftover fabric explode.

Mom was recently crafting with me and was looking at the book.  I explained that locker hooking took quite a bit of fabric, but not nearly as much as the book indicated.  She studied and asked:

What if the yardage indicated is how much is needed if the strips are laid end to end?

The light bulb was shining brightly!  But, knowing how much yardage you need to ask for at the counter is very far away from a number indicating how much yardage you need end-to-end.  Thankfully, math doesn’t scare me!

Mom and I set off to find out how much yardage is needed…ya know, the sort of yardage that we all think about not some esoteric never heard of it before measurement.  I see why she did it this way (and she might have even explained it somewhere in the book), but it isn’t that useful.

Below is a calculator that will do the math for you.  The assumptions made are that you would only get 90% of a yard (no end cuts are perfectly straight) and that the selvage to selvage measurement is 44 inches.

Strip Yardage = the amount of fabric needed, end-to-end.  This is what is in the book.
Material Yardage = what you ask to be cut at the counter or what is needed in standard fabric terms.

Use the correct calculator for the width fabric you will be using in your locker hooking project.

This is dedicated to my sister that hates math, fractions, scientific notation…who taught her son just those things!



  1. I have done my best to create a calculator that is accurate.  I make no representations that it is perfect.
  2. Each person will have slightly different need for fabric as we all attach the fabric differently and our tension will not be identical.
  3. August 2016.  This is an update simplified version of the calculator.
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  1. I love that you did this calculator, but I cannot get it to work. Is there a trick?

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