Ink Blending Tools - Colored CodedI purchased a Tim Holtz ink blending tool when I started purchasing his stamping pads (seriously, these pads are better!).  I only bought one because I thought they were expensive and wanted to see what they did that was so wonderful I needed to spend that much money on them.

I found that one really wasn’t enough.  It was good and all…but, I needed one for each color.  Otherwise, you spend the whole time changing out felt or mixing colors.  I realized quickly why he uses a different one for each color in his videos!  But, it was unlikely that I was going to spend that much money on these.  So, I was seeking another plan.

Using things I already have is something I enjoy doing so looked around for possibilities.  Scrap wood?  I had something that could be use as a handle left over from other projects…maybe…let’s wait and see what happens.

Then, I figured out how to make cling stamps from wood block stamps.  What is left over?  Small hunks of finished wood that are purrfect for making these blending tools.

Now, I had all the materials and supplies figured out:

Empty and clean wood blocks from old wood stamps
Cups, balls, discs from previous projects

When I began going through the potential handles I realized that I could color code the handles!  Sweet.

Of course, I painted the black handle yellow…and then realized that I didn’t need to!  But, I just went and found a black handle.


  1. Glue on handle to the top.
  2. Cut and glue on the foam.
  3. Glue on and cut the velcro
  4. Wait for everything to dry.
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