Converting Wood Block Stamps to Cling or Clear Stamps

This is so easy! It is one of the projects that I wanted to do, but held off thinking there might be some secret to this that I wasn’t thinking of that made it difficult, annoying, or time-consuming.  That simply isn’t the case.  Once I decided to get started ten stamps took less than an hour to complete.

As with most paper and craft projects so much of the battle is eliminated when you have the right supplies.

I decided to put all my stamps into CD cases.  This seemed the most economical (money and space), convenient, and easy method.



  1. Wood block stamps that you want to convert to cling or clear stamps. Save the wood blocks for another project – post coming soon!
  2. EZmount Cushion: large quantitysmall quantity


Equipment, Supplies, and Tools

  1. Soap
  2. Water
  3. Sponge
  4. Microwave
  5. Scissors: general, Tim Hotlz snips
  6. Silhouette Spatula


Converting Wood Block Stamps to Cling or Clear Stamps

  1. Remove the stamp from the block and the cushion backing.  This is mostly a matter of carefully separating the stamp part from the cushion.  I wish I could give specific instruction for this part, but you will find that each stamp needs slightly different method!  One trick is to microwave the stamp on the wood block for 10-30 seconds.  This softens the glues and makes it easier, sometimes.  I found this part fairly easy and quick.  You might need to pick off some of the cushion that remains.  Some smaller bits on a few stamps I wasn’t able to remove.  This was not noticeable on the end product.
  2. Converting Wood Block Stamps to Cling or Clear StampsPeel back a small part of the EZ mount cushion and place your stamp in this area.  Make sure you are adhering it to the correct side!
  3. Converting Wood Block Stamps to Cling or Clear StampsRough cut the stamp out.  You don’t need to do this one at a time, but I wouldn’t do the whole page together either.  You must be able to get into this to cut it.  I used the regular scissors for this.
  4. IMG_3292[1]I had though that I would need to do any further cutting.  If you don’t do this step you will end up with lots of places around the stamp that *will* gather dust, debris, and other “stuff.”  The next cutting step is to use your Tim Holtz snips (or other good paper scissors) to cut the “exact” shape out.  Since the stamp doesn’t go to the very edge you can cut at a slight angle to ensure that no cushion is showing.

That is it!  You are DONE.

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