Hello Flower

This is a simple and quick card to make!

The offset squares give visual interest to otherwise basic shapes in the layering.



Hello Flower - InsideMaterials

  1. Paper (all card stock): red, medium purple, lilac
  2. K & Company die-cut flowers
  3. Sparkly gem for the center of the flower


Equipment, Supplies, and Tools

  1. Flower corner punch [Fiskars], the one used appears to be no longer available.
  2. Hello stamp
  3. Stamp Ink: Tim Holtz, Barn Door
  4. Self-healing mat
  5. Guillotine paper cutter (mine is the Costco version)
  6. Omnigrid rulers
  7. Rotary cutter (I adore my the left-handed one!)
  8. Tape: ATG
  9. Glue: Tacky

Card Basics

  1. Base Card:  Red 3.5 x 5, (7.0 x 5 scored and folded in half)
  2. First Overlay: Purple, 4.75 x 3.25
  3. Second Overlay : Lilac, 4 x 2.5

Card Decorations

  1. I put together a flower from options in my paper flower bin
  2. First layer is purple with wide leaves
  3. Second layer is slightly smaller; lilac with smaller curvy leaves.
  4. Third layer is significantly smaller with more robust leaves.
  5. Finale is the gem stone.  Add with a dollop of glue.  I wanted to use a yellow one, but couldn’t find one in my stash and the clear gem looks great!


  1. Lilac 4.5 x 3.25.
  2. Corner punched used on the right side only to balance out with the front of the card.


  1. Have all pieces cut and prepared
  2. Adhere the first overlay with tape.
  3. Adhere the second overlay slightly to the right and tilted as best fits your space.
  4. Adhere the flower with a little glue.
  5. Center “Hello” stamp in the remaining area.
  6. Use tape to adhere the inside.

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