These biscuit cutters  are part of my current fascination with baking incredible biscuits.  Until recently, I have always used Bisqiuck and done the drop biscuits.  Easy, no fuss.

For some reason that hasn’t been sufficient lately AND I don’t even eat biscuits that often!

As kitchen gadgets go these are pretty inexpensive and take up only little space as they all fit within the biggest cutter.


First, they make cutting the biscuits easy.  The are sharp enough to cut the dough without being too sharp.  The biscuits are clearly fluted; some stick to the cutter for removal and some stay in the dough.  If they stay in the dough they are easily removed.

Second, the are sturdy.  These are very good quality, thick stainless steel, with comfortable handles.

Finally, they are easy to clean.  I have only cleaned them by hand as I don’t put this sort of thing in the dishwasher.

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